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3 ways to use Google Analytics for content strategies

TweetIf you use Google Analytics for your site or blog, I have 3 quick tips on how you can use it to enhance your content strategy. This is a very new blog, so I like to check in and see what my visitors are interested in. I’ll show you how I go through that process [...]

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YouTube content marketing tips

TweetIf you embed your YouTube videos into your blog posts here are a few tricks to help you better position your video content. Turn off related videos This is especially useful if your YouTube video is promoting a product of yours. When the video ends, you see a bunch of related videos, some of which [...]

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Content Marketing vs Social Marketing

What’s the difference? This question definitely creates some confusion, most likely due to some heavy overlap between the two. Without getting too technical on either one, let’s take a look at what they both really are. Social Marketing: Social marketing is the application of marketing techniques to a campaign designed to bring about social benefit. [...]