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2,000 Followers, 0 Tweets? No thanks.

Lately I’ve been getting quite a few followers who have a huge amount of followers and 0 tweets. I know that these accounts are automated most of the time but what’s the point? Most of them don’t even have links in their profiles to make it somewhat interesting.

Am I missing something with these accounts? I see some pretty high profile names in their list of followers sometimes.

I know that people sign up to Twitter and collect as many followers as possible just so they can blast their products or affiliate links but these accounts are really strange.

Anybody have any insight?



Using Social Media: The ONLY thing you MUST know.

I was reading a post titled The Social Media Marketing List: 45 things you should be doing but probably aren’t on Conversation Marketing and it really made me think.

Item #7 specifically made me think. A lot of the people that I talk to about Social Media don’t really understand the point behind it. They don’t see the immediate return on investment. That’s understandable. If your business survives on sales, which most do, you want to see ROI.

If you’re focusing on selling through social media venues though, there is only one thing that you MUST know.

Read more about “Using Social Media: The ONLY thing you MUST know.” »

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Does your business create a sense of ownership?

I was reading an article on Small Business Labs that relates very well to my current small business, particularly the first trend.

This is from the article:

1.  The Shift to Contingent Workers Turns Employees into Entrepreneurs

Employers large and small are shifting from full-time employees to part-timers, freelancers, outsourced services, partnership arrangements and other forms of contingent workers…

Being in the IT industry, I’ve always kinda wondered why more businesses don’t operate this way. Since I work almost solely with a computer, I can remote into any network that has the capability. I could log in to anybody online collaboration or project management tool. I could share files using a huge variety of services.

These days, I could turn Twitter or Facebook into a collaboration and communication platform without any extra work. If I don’t want to go that route, I could hook into a Yammer account.

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Another free landing page template

My last landing page post was pretty popular so I thought I would offer up another one. Nobody seemed to like sharing the last landing page for a tweet so this one is all yours. No need to share, you ungrateful …. Just Kidding.

If you you want to share this one, click the re-tweet button or the Facebook Like. It’s not like I did any hard work to get this all ready for you. :)

free landing page template

What you get with this one:

  1. HTML – Fully coded
  2. CSS – Fully formatted
  3. PSD – Pre sliced and slices in-tact

Click the link below or right click and save as. It’s been a long 2 weeks and I’m really tired. If anything is wrong with the files, comment and let me know. I’ll fix them up and re-upload.



Be sure to check out the latest free landing page template


Creating a startup at 60mph

I read an interesting article on Entrepreneur.com about a project called StartupBus.com where a group of entrepreneurs get together on a bus trip for 48 hours and create and prototype a start up business.

Having worked as a developer for so long, I like this approach. I’ve never been a fan of the long drawn out planning phase, generating pages of requirements, etc. Don’t get me wrong, for many projects, that is a must. I just don’t like it.

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Free landing page template – if you humor me.

I have been doing a lot with landing/squeeze pages lately and decided I would give one away to whoever may be interested.

free squeeze page template

There is a catch however.

You have to take part in a little experiment.

I’m going to give you 2 ways to get it.
Read more about “Free landing page template – if you humor me.” »

Black Tie landing page template – Free Download.

To download your template click the link below. You may also right click and save link as. This zip file contains the PSD, HTML and CSS for your template. The HTML and CSS have been tested in Firefox, IE8, Safari, Chrome and Opera.

Thanks for the download and enjoy.
Black Tie Free Squeeze page template

Oh, if you use it, send me a link in the comments.

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3 ways to use Google Analytics for content strategies

If you use Google Analytics for your site or blog, I have 3 quick tips on how you can use it to enhance your content strategy. This is a very new blog, so I like to check in and see what my visitors are interested in. I’ll show you how I go through that process using Google Analytics.

The goal is to figure out what content is being read the most and to create new content or enhance existing content to retain visitors and attract new people. So let’s take a look.

If you have an Analytics account, log in and follow along.

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I found the coolest site for landing page testing (AB testing)

If you have ever created or currently create landing pages, you’ve most likely done a little work in AB or split testing. If not, you should be. If you aren’t familiar with AB testing, it’s basically the creation of 2 landing pages with a collection of differences between the two.

To test effectively, you create a goal for the test and change the designs accordingly. You then release the two landing pages and see which of the two performed closest to the goal.

I was surfing this morning and found an excellent resource on AB testing.

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Facebook isn’t so good at the social side of things.

If you’ve ever done Facebook development or even customized your Facebook fan page, you will very likely have had moments where you wanted to cancel your Facebook account and give up.

For example, this morning I checked the Facebook fan page for Socialeers.com and I noticed that no new blog posts were imported since the day I set it up. So I went to the page, clicked to import my blog’s RSS feed and noticed that the previous feed that I saved was no longer there. No biggie, I’ll add  it back.

So I paste my feed URL into the input box and… Read more about “Facebook isn’t so good at the social side of things.” »


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