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Creating a Landing Page: Before you begin

TweetBefore creating a landing page, there is one piece of advice that you hear pretty often – Know Your Objective. If you haven’t heard that advice before, it’s a great piece of advice to keep in mind. By knowing your objective before you start creating your landing page, you have a better shot of creating [...]

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Landing Page Content Strategy: Why You Need One

TweetLately I’ve been working on a project that has me working with landing pages quite a bit. Taking a look around at what some other people are doing, I’ve been noticing a very apparent lack of a landing page content strategy. You’ve probably seen the type of landing pages that I’m talking about. They tend [...]

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From 35 likes to 135 likes in no time

TweetI really like to watch the show Shark Tank. I like to see what kind of crazy ideas people out there have but mostly, I like to see the people who deserve the help they need to launch their dreams get that help. Tonight that didn’t happen but something else did. Tonight there was a [...]

Free landing page template added to 150 Free Landing Page Templates

TweetI want to thank the guys at for adding my Dash of Green landing page template┬áto their list of 150 free landing page templates. They have a nice list so it’s great to be included. They’ve also written an article on how to edit HTML templates┬áthat uses my landing page as well as a [...]

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Landing Page Lesson: Million dollar landing page.

TweetBefore you read, I want to let you know that I’m not affiliated with Conversion Rate Experts or SEOMoz in any way. I’m sharing this because it really is a valuable piece of content. This has been posted around the web quite a bit but I want to go ahead and post it as well. [...]