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Using Social Media: To ruin your life…

TweetOk, that’s a bit dramatic but it really is pretty easy to mess up your chances for a lot of great opportunities. Even if your social profiles are for personal use, let’s take a look at a scenario. You get laid off. You need to find a job. You set up an interview with a [...]

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2,000 Followers, 0 Tweets? No thanks.

TweetLately I’ve been getting quite a few followers who have a huge amount of followers and 0 tweets. I know that these accounts are automated most of the time but what’s the point? Most of them don’t even have links in their profiles to make it somewhat interesting. Am I missing something with these accounts? [...]

Using Social Media: The ONLY thing you MUST know.

TweetI was reading a post titled The Social Media Marketing List: 45 things you should be doing but probably aren’t on Conversation Marketing and it really made me think. Item #7 specifically made me think. A lot of the people that I talk to about Social Media don’t really understand the point behind it. They [...]

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Does your business create a sense of ownership?

TweetI was reading an article on Small Business Labs that relates very well to my current small business, particularly the first trend. This is from the article: 1.  The Shift to Contingent Workers Turns Employees into Entrepreneurs Employers large and small are shifting from full-time employees to part-timers, freelancers, outsourced services, partnership arrangements and other [...]

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Another free landing page template

My last landing page post was pretty popular so I thought I would offer up another one. Nobody seemed to like sharing the last landing page for a tweet so this one is all yours. No need to share, you ungrateful …. Just Kidding. If you you want to share this one, click the re-tweet [...]

Creating a startup at 60mph

TweetI read an interesting article on about a project called where a group of entrepreneurs get together on a bus trip for 48 hours and create and prototype a start up business. Having worked as a developer for so long, I like this approach. I’ve never been a fan of the long drawn [...]

Free landing page template – if you humor me.

TweetI have been doing a lot with landing/squeeze pages lately and decided I would give one away to whoever may be interested. There is a catch however. You have to take part in a little experiment. I’m going to give you 2 ways to get it. Tweet

Black Tie landing page template – Free Download.

To download your template click the link below. You may also right click and save link as. This zip file contains the PSD, HTML and CSS for your template. The HTML and CSS have been tested in Firefox, IE8, Safari, Chrome and Opera. Thanks for the download and enjoy. Black Tie Free Squeeze page template [...]

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3 ways to use Google Analytics for content strategies

TweetIf you use Google Analytics for your site or blog, I have 3 quick tips on how you can use it to enhance your content strategy. This is a very new blog, so I like to check in and see what my visitors are interested in. I’ll show you how I go through that process [...]