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I found the coolest site for landing page testing (AB testing)

TweetIf you have ever created or currently create landing pages, you’ve most likely done a little work in AB or split testing. If not, you should be. If you aren’t familiar with AB testing, it’s basically the creation of 2 landing pages with a collection of differences between the two. To test effectively, you create [...]

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Facebook isn’t so good at the social side of things.

TweetIf you’ve ever done Facebook development or even customized your Facebook fan page, you will very likely have had moments where you wanted to cancel your Facebook account and give up. For example, this morning I checked the Facebook fan page for and I noticed that no new blog posts were imported since the [...]


YouTube content marketing tips

TweetIf you embed your YouTube videos into your blog posts here are a few tricks to help you better position your video content. Turn off related videos This is especially useful if your YouTube video is promoting a product of yours. When the video ends, you see a bunch of related videos, some of which [...]

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Treat each page as a landing page…because it is.

TweetI read through a forum discussion the other day that started out by asking the question “What is a landing page?”. There were lot’s of well thought out answers and opinions. Some good answers on how to create a landing page. Some on how to optimize existing landing pages. Some links to good examples and [...]

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22 websites that allow you to self publish

If content distribution is part of your content marketing strategy or if you want to write a book and get some exposure, the following is a list of 22 websites that allow to self publish. Some of the sites allow you to sell your digital content while others are simply for sharing. You can view [...]

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80 trend sites showcased on Slideshare’s How to & DIY section

Just wanted to drop a quick post to say that my presentation “80 websites to find popular trends” is showcased on Slideshare’s How to & DIY section. If you haven’t checked it out yet, jump over to Slideshare. I love doing research and have a few more lists coming. If you have any lists that [...]

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Social Shout – 2/7

Here are some good articles to start your day: 1. Five things most social media marketers forget (and shouldn’t) Posted by @argylesocial on Twitter Go to the article – Follow @argylesocial 2. Kenneth Cole’s social media marketing lesson Posted by @HarvardBiz on Twitter Go to the article – Follow @HarvardBiz 3. Losing control and more [...]

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Who else wants to learn 8 simple things you can do to lose subscribers today?

Rule #1 in email or article marketing is to have a catchy title. While some of the email headlines on this list are pretty catchy, they are also the reason I unsubscribed to several lists this morning. So, if you want to trim down your subscriber list, simply add these techniques to your marketing toolbox. [...]

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21 Untapped Traffic sources

If you’re looking to increase traffic, BuzzBlogger has a nice article here – 21 untapped traffic sources.

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Skull Set – A lesson in keyword researched content.

This is a quick post on the topic of keyword research and content. A long while ago, I signed up to GraphicRiver. If you aren’t familiar with this site, it’s a site where designers can sell royalty free graphic design stock. I signed up after stumbling onto the site while surfing the web. Being a [...]